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Sonaca Group via Sonaca Aircraft has developed the Sonaca 200, the new generation, two-seater, certified aircraft which combines flight performance and cost-effectiveness. This new aircraft development has been performed in close collaboration with the end-users, so as to fulfil flight school, aero-club and private pilot’s unmet needs.
The Sonaca 200 is a low-wing, full metallic aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 750kg. Its conventional structure is composed of advanced aluminum alloy frames, stringers and sheets, which will provide very effective corrosion protection.

The wing profile has been designed to optimize performance, while providing very stable behavior at low speeds. As a result of its higher mass (compared with ultra-light aircraft), and its efficient aerodynamic design, the Sonaca 200 exhibits very progressive stall behavior, which makes it the perfect aircraft for flight schools and safety-conscious pilots.  It is perfectly suited to both basic training and long navigation.
The Sonaca 200 has a tricycle landing gear with a steerable nose gear. All its commands are actuated through push-rod mechanisms. (See more on )