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Overview & contacts 

  • Sonaca Aviation Services offers aftermarket solutions by being closer to customers needs and offering a high level of spares, repairs and engineering solutions.

    We provide a worldwide support related to:

    • Spares deliveries 
    • Structural modifications and repairs 
    • AOG Support 24/7 
    • In service engineering expertise
    • Additional activities we can support on demand
    • Training / inspection / manufacturing of specific parts


Spare parts deliveries

  • Sonaca Aviation Services delivers spare parts related to structures and systems.

    Our strengths

    • We meet customers lead time 
    • We deliver only original spare parts related to capability list
    • We deliver parts with an Authorized Release Certificate (EASA Form 1) recognized by most of the civil aviation authorities (approved under EASA PART21G)  
    • We manufacture parts on demand

    We can provide the catalog on demand.

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Structural modifications and repairs

  • Sonaca Aviation Services performs structural repairs and modifications on in-service parts.

    Our strengths

    • We offer a competitive turn around time with replacements parts available in stocks
    • We provide lease elements on demand 
    • We only use original replacement parts 
    • We define and perform quality, sustainable, complex repairs and modifications (DOA holder) 
    • We deliver parts repaired or modified from our Belgium facility approved under EASA Part145 and FAA FAR145,  with an Authorized Release Certificate (EASA Form 1/FAA Form 8130-3 dual release)

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

In service engineering expertise 

  • Sonaca Aviation Services provides engineering solutions for your needs.

    Our strengths

    • Integrated with engineering department
    • Our skilled and experienced team can offer strong engineering packages at best costs
    • A vast in-service experience
    • Holder of a DOA for repairs and modifications 
    • AOG availability 24/7 

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

    Our services

    • Analysis of A/C in-service issues and definition of technical solutions
    • Definition and provision of technical data for modifications, maintenance and repair procedures 
    • Expertise related to material and process issues 
    • Knowledge in aircraft structures, materials, inspection method, practical rework method