Our customers lie at the heart of our Quality & Environment policies. It is our daily challenge to satisfy their needs and their expectations.

SONACA has set up an integral Quality & Environment system in order to:

Satisfy our customers and partners by establishing a close relationship aimed at understanding their needs and expectations.

Meet the requirements, right from design, in terms of performance, quality and respect for the environment, cost and deadlines.

Mobilize our expertise and skills to develop and sell quality products and services with high added value.

Help to preserve natural resources through reducing and efficiently managing waste, and implementing a policy aimed at reducing energy consumption.

Maintain our expertise and industrial means at the leading edge of technology.

Promote a permanent mindset of continuous progress based on the use of innovative tools integrating Lean principles.

The SONACA group’s management team conducts periodic reviews to ensure objectives are met and the actions engaged are brought to a successful conclusion.



Certificate's list for Sonaca Group worldwide


Sonaca Group EN/AS/NBR Airworthiness Regulations NADCAP
Sonaca Gosselies EN9100:2018 / ISO 14001:2015 EASA Part 21G / EASA Part 145 / 14CFR Part 145 (FAA) Heat Treatment / Composites / Chemical Processing / Non Destructive Testing / Welding
Sonaca Montréal AS9100D RAC 561 (Transport Canada) Surface Enhancement / Chemical Processing / Non Destructive Testing
Sonaca Brasil AS9100D   Non Destructive Testing / Heat Treatment / Chemical Processing
Pesola AS9100D    
Sinelson   EASA Part 21G  
Sonaca Transilvania EN9100:2016 EASA Part 21G Composites
LMI ST Charles (MO) AS9100D   Heat Treating
Wasington (MO) AS9100D   Heat Treating
Cuba (MO) AS9100D  


Chemical Processing / NDT

Tulsa (OK) AS9100D   Chemical Processing / NDT
Fredonia (KS) AS9100D    
Wichita (KS) AS9100D    
Everett Merill Creek (EMC) AS9100D / ISO17025:2005   Composites / Measurement and Inspection
Vista (CA) AS9100D   Heat Treating
Mexicali AS9100D   Heat Treating /  NDT