• The New French CSO-1 military reconnaissance satellite is put into orbit

    On Wednesday 19 December 2018, a Soyuz (Mission VS20) launcher operated by Arianespace took off from Kourou with the new French CSO-1 military reconnaissance satellite on board. The satellite was put into orbit at 18:38 CET.

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  • The HP3 instrument is on Mars

    The HP3 instrument is on Mars – Sonaca Space GmbH was the primary industrial subcontractor for DLR, covering System Engineering, Thermal and Structural analysis, Quality assurance, Configuration Management and AIT/AIV of the instrument.  The team at Sonaca Space GmbH has worked on the project from requirements definition to environmental testing and supported the ATLO (Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations) activities after delivery to lander integration in the US.

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  • Sonaca will attend the China Airshow 2018

    Sonaca will attend the China Airshow 2018. There the following exhibits will be shown during the exhibition: Composite slat of a typical widebody aircraft with integrated electrical anti-icing system Slat actuation mechanism and Power Transfer Assembly Typical metallic slat with conventional pneumatic anti-icing system Please, join us at Sonaca booth H5A5 of Hangar 5!

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  • Sonaca Space has received the TCT Aerospace Application Award 2018

    We are very excited that MELT project has received the TCT Aerospace Application Award 2018! In this European Space Agency (ESA) funded project, a 3D printer breadboard capable of processing PEEK and able to work under microgravity conditions of the International Space Station (ISS) was designed, developed and tested.

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  • LMI Aerospace will attend the CAMX 2018

    LMI Aerospace will attend the CAMX 2018. It is a good opportunity to meet our experts in thermoplastic and composite testing and share information about all composite capabilities of the Sonaca Group. Please, join us at the LMI Aerospace Booth K86!

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  • MASCOT lands safely on asteroid Ryugu

    DLR MASCOT lander successfully landed on the surface of the Ryugu asteroid after travelling for more than 3 years on-board the mother craft Hayabusa2 (from JAXA). It successfully performed the planned scientific mission and technological demonstration.

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  • Awarded by Boeing for Performance Excellence silver award in 2017

  • Awarded by Embraer for Superior Customer Satisfaction: "Best Supplier" in 2008, 2009, 2014

  • Recognized by Bombardier as a 4 Star Approval Supplier for its Operational Development

  • Recognized by Spirit as Strategic Partner Supplier of the year 2015

  • Recognized by MHI with a Excellent Supplier Status for On Time Delivery and Quality