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About Sonaca

Sonaca is one of the world leaders in development, manufacturing, assembly and detailed parts supply in the aeronautical sector. Its competencies are spread throughout civil, defense and space markets.

Across 6 countries, 3,800 people are working with the goal of serving major OEMs and super tier-ones.

Sonaca combines one-stop shop industrial capabilities with  metallic and composite supplies. 

Sonaca offers the best price combination with the latest automation technologies, low cost country manufacturing facilities and worldwide engineering offices.

Sonaca is recognized by its customers. We have engaged transition to reach 4.0 industry while materializing sustainable transformation.

Sonaca works closely with its customers, from early design stages to in-service support, focusing on reducing overall costs.

Our entities


Reaching new heights together by making air and space safe and sustainable.


We fulfill our worldwide customer expectations by developing and delivering innovative aerospace and defense solutions through best in-class engineering and operational excellence.


Customer driven

Build a relationship based on partnership, transparency and listening to the customer, fostered with  anticipation of needs, responsiveness and rigour in achieving customer requirement.

Team spirit

Work together in a supportive, transparent and respectful way, involving every team member  to build trust and achieve a common goal.


Consider the  consequenceof actions,  take responsibility for decisions and actions, recognize and repair  mistakes, to solve problems and to follow through commitments.


Act with honesty and transparency, respecting people and rules, adhering to the company's values and sharing all relevant information.


Harness energy, creativity and collaboration to achieve outstanding results, challenging the status quo in a spirit of continuous improvement.


Digitalizing our operations

Digitalizing our operations has three  objectives: satisfying our customers with reliable on-time delivery, optimizing our costs by improving our processes and integrating end-to-end product traceability.

Sonaca relies on experienced and recognized technological partners for this transition. Sonaca has launched the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System and several digital initiatives development.

Building a sustainable future

Today, Sonaca in aerospace decarbonation by developping an ambitious roadmap around the following 5 sustainability axes: Clean & Safe Aerospace, Sustainable Production, Extended Corporate Responsibility, Caring for People, and Business Integrity.

We have launched a project to reduce our CO2 emissions by getting all our employees on board for this challenge. Thanks to these efforts, we have already reduced our C02 production by 15% compared to the previous year (TCO2/hr produced). We will continue these efforts with a global diagnosis of the performance of our major equipment and our buildings. 

Fostering our Talents 

Talents are one of the main foundations of our strategic plan and a key to ensure its success. Talent management approach has the ambition to offer each employee the necessary conditions for their personal and professional development.

With this talent management approach, we intend to create a sense of purpose.


  • Yves Delatte

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Steve Sciarrabone

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Xavier Carnoy

    Chief Finance and Strategy Officer

  • Laurent Troquet

    Chief Procurement Officer

  • Jean-François Vranken

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Yannick Rongvaux

    Chief Information Officer

  • Michel Princen

    Chief Quality Officer

  • Kevin Goossens

    CEO Sonaca North America

  • François Pirard

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Thierry Duesberg

    SVP Military and Defence

  • Dominique Zeoli

    Chief Program and Services Officer

  • Thibault Carrier

    Chief Commercial Officer

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of company shareholders: the Walloon Region and the federal government of Belgium. The Board is currently composed of eleven directors and one observer. It is chaired by Yves Prete and daily management is ensured by Yves Delatte.

  • Yves Prete


  • Yves Delatte

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Denis Ronday SFPI

    Non-Executive Director

  • Michaël Vanloubbeeck SFPI

    Non-Executive Director

  • Virginie Dufrasne

    Non-Executive Director

  • Charles Champion

    Non-Executive Director

  • Amaury Bertholomé

    Non-Executive Director

  • Marc Denève

    Non-Executive Director

  • Cédric du Monceau

    Non-Executive Director

  • Grégoire Dupuis

    Non-Executive Director

  • Renaud Moens Igretec

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jean Leblon

    Non-Executive Director

  • Olivier Vanderijst Sparaxis

    Non-Executive Director

  • Sarah Krins





To align its entities under one Sonaca brand, Sonaca has renamed LMI Aerospace to Sonaca North America, including LMI Aerospace and Sonaca Montreal.


Sonaca has acquired LMI Aerospace. 



2016 : Opened Sonaca Aircraft manufacturing line.

2016 : Acquired AST GMBH, Sonaca Space now

2014 : Expanded its activities in Romania (Sonaca Transilvania).

2011 : Opened assembly line in Tianjin, China

2003 : Acquired NMF, now Sonaca Montreal

2003 : Developed its strategic presence in Brazil

Sonaca North America

2012 : Acquired Valent, Inc.

2012 : Acquired TASS, Inc.

2009 : Acquired Intec, Inc.

2007 : Acquired D3 Technologies, Inc.

2006 : Opened manufacturing center in Mexicali, Mexico.

2001 : Acquired Versaform Corporation, Southern Stretch Forming and Fabrication, Inc.

2001 : Acquired Tempco Engineering.



Sonaca started as a flight school company in Gosselies, Belgium.

1948Sonaca North America

Founded as a manufacturer of aircraft components.