involved in satellite platforms, payloads and launchers


Structural systems

  • Satellite platforms

    Advanced structural solutions for satellites platforms, from small to large satellites, from design to delivery.

    • Sandwich panels structures
    • Metallic and composite
    • Full metallic lightweight structures for small satellites and constellations
  • Launchers and space vehicles

    Large experience in design, and manufacturing of structures for launchers, re-entry vehicles, crew vehicles or space station.

    • Complex metallic machined structures
    • Composite structures
    • 3D Orthogonal weaving for space launchers
    • Large sizes
  • Instruments structures

    Experience in design and manufacturing of structures for large instruments, including: optical benches, bipods, cylinder baffles or secondary and tertiary components.

    • Advanced high-performance structural solutions for instruments
    • Integration of Mechanisms/Avionics
    • Metallic and Carbon parts, complex assemblies, bipods, baffles…
  • Human space exploration & re-entry hypersonic vehicles

    Development, manufacturing and testing of various structures and functional subsystems

    • Complex primary and secondary structures in alloy and/or composite
    • Functional subsytems with integration of avionics, harnesses and thermal management design


Design,  manufacturing, and testing of subsystems and their associated systems and components, with a 15-years strong thermal analysis background.

  • Electro-Mechanical Subsystems

    • Design and build of complete end-to-end electro-mechanical subsystems, including:​
      • Thermal management​
      • Harnesses design and manufacturing​
      • Space electronics and actuators integration​
    • Innovative solutions at the crossroad between structure and function
  • Scientific instruments

    Industrial support to scientific institutions for the development, industrialization, production and qualification of scientific instruments in different domains: in situ planetary exploration (Mars, Moon, asteroids…), Earth observation or Solar system exploration.

    • Project management support
    • Technical coordination
    • Systems engineering
    • AIT (Assembly Integration and Testing)
    • Mechanical and thermal engineering
    • Product and Quality Assurance
    • Configuration management on the instrument and its subsystems
  • ISS instruments

    Development of experiments for use on the International Space Station. Engineering, project Management and MAIT support up to launch and operations, with a vast network of suppliers and partners.

    • Development of full functional 3D printer breadboard capable to print with PEEK polymer
    • Printer fulfills the majority of ISS safety requirement
    • Printer is designed for parabolic flight experiment
    • Printer is capable of printing with inverted g vector (upside down) simulating zero g environment
    • Functional parts printed are showing good functional performance and mechanical properties

Tests & supports


  • Static & Dynamic tests

    Custom test services to meet specific customer challenges, conducted to international standards.

    • Certified and experienced experts team members
    • International Standards and ECSS compliant tests
    • Management of dynamic tests​: Vibration (sine and random), TVAC, shocks​, EMC/EMI
    • Diversified network of test means suppliers in the region, allowing for responsive and cost-effective tests campaigns under SONACA experts responsibility
    • Large scale fully adaptable set-ups
    • Materials, structural and thermal tests complete portfolio
  • Thermal tests and qualification

    Thermal testing and qualification according to ECSS and NASA standards, in vacuum and ambient pressure, up to  cryogenic conditions.

    • MTVAC, Medium Thermal Vacuum Chamber for high vacuum tests (p  up to 10-8 mbar), eventually with controlled air or CO2/N2 atmosphere, 50x50x50cm³, configurable
    • Thermally controlled shroud with Liquid nitrogen/heater system (-190°C, 200°C)
    • Thermally controlled cold plate (-70°C/+150°C), with LN2 cooling optional (-190°C, 200°C)
    • Cryogenic thermal chamber (-135°C, 135°C) with purging capabilities, for life cycle tests
    • Support to testing in external facilities, including test plans, procedures, predictions, correlation
    • Test management activities, with on and off-site support of experienced test engineers
  • Assembly and Integration

    In addition to its global manufacturing capabilities, Sonaca has a dedicated space facility in Belgium.

    • 200m² workshop
    • 720m² of clean room
    • Level 100 000 cleanliness
    • 2 floors available for operations: 1/ storage and transit, and 2/ structure integration and assembly
  • Transport containers

    Transport and storage container for flight hardware and sensitive equipment , available in a variety of sizes and configurations (e.g. for satellites, systems, instruments, with active controls or fully passive).

    • Robust and lightweight body with modular elements construction (easy and economic to adapt to various dimensions)
    • Shock/vibration absorption system, GN2 purging, equalization and relief system
    • Integrated closed circuit environmental control system and environmental monitoring  (e.g. pressure, temperature, humidity, acceleration)
    • Active Thermal Control (optional)
    • Full ECSS- or industrial-level documentation
  • GSE instruments

    Design, development and realization of testing and calibration of ground support equipment for scientific instruments.

    • Thermally controlled enclosures
    • Calibration  targets
    • Ad-hoc dedicated software
    • Monitoring and control systems
    • Including Vacuum, pneumatic, cryogenic and/or fluidic systems
    • Compatible with clean room operations
    • With tailorable documentation level, from scientific development level up to full ECSS-level (e.g. for Qualification and Ground Reference activities)
  • Handling MGSE

    Lifting, handling and assembly Ground Support Equipment, for sizes ranging to small satellites and Equipment to fully loaded satellites.

    • Lifting devices for complete satellites, for weights up to 7000 kg, with full ECSS verification
    • Handling devices for small satellites, with an excellent price/quality ratio
    • Tooling for production of launcher parts and for assembly of complete satellites


Sonaca is since decades a supplier of several Space Agencies and research centers around the World.

We are proudly partners and suppliers of every European Large System Integrator, payloads and systems developers.