Tailored solution to our customers for structure manufacturing, fighter jet & UAV maintenance and pilot training.

  • Structure  

    Sonaca Group is a major player in the defense sector for several decades and currently has a substantial participation in the A400M and KC390 military transport program.

    Sonaca’s overall focus with regard to LMI Aerospace and defense opportunities is to aggressively target Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers of the F-35, T-X trainer development and the UAV market.

    Sonaca Group via LMI Aerospace supports several legacy defense platforms for structure, maintenance and repairs:

    • Lockheed/Sikorsky H-60 Helicopter
    • Boeing F-15, F/A-18, P-8 and KC-46 programs
    • Lockheed F-16 and F-35 programs
  • UAV

    UAV support for Defense customers as integrator and leader in the EAGLE consortium (IAI, SONACA) for 20 years:

    • Design & Certification aspects (JAR-VLA)
    • Production of composite wings (20 AC)
    • Air vehicle assembly, integration & tests
    • Ground control station bays
    • System Integration & tests (including flights)
    • Ongoing maintenance for the complete system including aircraft, engines& payload
  • Ignition!

    Sonaca Group and Sabena Aerospace, have together created the new company, Ignition!, as a 50/50 joint venture to satisfy a growing demand in services from defense customers. The company offers:

    • Innovative services in the field of military aeronautics
    • Worldwide presence
    • Logistic management
    • Maintenance for fleets
    • Pilot training using flight simulators
    • Management of complex projects specific to the sector