Aerostructure design & build

We build to specification, providing our customers with fully integrated, innovative and strategic design build solutions. Our services include everything from concept development and tool design to manufacturing, testing and certification.

Our solutions

Sonaca Group has extensive expertise in the development, certification, testing, manufacturing and assembly of wing movables such as slats, flaps, ailerons and spoilers, including their mechanisms wing ice protection systems and fairings. Our experience enables us to develop advanced technologies both metallic and composite to provide high-quality, efficient and reliable integrated structures. Sonaca is able to adapt our solution to any kind of aircraft (commercial, regional, business jet or military) and any rate (from low rate to high rate of single aisle).

  • Leading Edge Slats

    Sonaca offers a very wide panel of solutions adapted to all  OEMS needs. We develop fully integrated metallic & composite leading-edges solutions.  Sonaca designs, manufactures and assemble fully integrated components including slat track mechanisms and ice protection systems, both pneumatic & electric. We provide direct plug and fly solutions to our customer, including final finition and polishing.   

  • Flaps

    Sonaca group successfully extents its broad expertise in control surfaces with reliable industrial & responsive solutions for the flaps, flaps fairing and mechanisms. Thanks to the latest technologies developed by Sonaca such as out of autoclave processes RTM, SQRTM and automatic processes ATL, assembly and control, Sonaca offers best global price and reduction of aircraft fuel burn.

  • Ailerons

    In the focus of reducing weight and costs, Sonaca group is also developing SQRTM processes for CFRP composite ailerons. Their design led to an improvement in parts quality, meaning tighter tolerances and better aerodynamic smoothness with a lure towards fuel consumption reduction. Our engineers put a great effort to optimize the reparability and the maintenance of ailerons.

  • Spoilers

    Reliable trailing-edge movables has become a major consideration for Sonaca group. Parts quality improvement and part count reduction is something our engineers deal with every day. Our one-shot CFRP composite spoilers, combining SQRTM and ATL processes, allow closer time to market as well as environment durability and robustness.

  • Complex Fuselages

    Sonaca Group combines its engineering, certification, manufacturing and assembly capabilities to offer the most adapted solutions to flexible-scope programs in forward, center and rear fuselage sections. The group’s expertise in virtual testing offers the unique advantage of providing optimized geometries solutions to these high-loaded interfaces concerns.

  • Engine pylons

    Sonaca Group’s experience in fuselage structures extends to interfaces with fuselage-mounted engines. We provide highly advanced parts through topological optimization simulation runs.

  • Nose fuselage

    Sonaca has expertise in the manufacturing of big and small elementary parts, from control surfaces to fuselage parts. Our long-term experience in aircraft structures provides a solution to these complex and highly loaded interfaces. Our well established automated production lines allow us to reach world’s largest aircrafts dimensions.

  • Doors

    Sonaca Group has experience in multiple areas of door design and manufacturing: baggage doors, service doors, main landing gear doors. Using composite materials, we are able to manufacture light and robust structures, reducing aircraft fuel burn.

Complete aircraft

Production of the first Sonaca 200 began at the end of 2017. Sonaca Aircraft has set up its final assembly site on the Namur airfield in Belgium.

  • The Sonaca 200 has a semi-stressed aluminum structure (stringer, frame and skin construction). The fuselage, wing and tail are built in aluminum alloy, whereas the main landing gear comprises glass fiber, especially adopted for powerful shock absorption.

    The structure is designed to be highly corrosion resistant, due to careful selection of optimum aluminum alloys and use of correct drainage, sealants and corrosion inhibitors.

  • The choice of the riveting assembly is driven by the willingness to provide easy and standard repairs included in the Sonaca 200 standard repair manual.

    The two separate 70 liters fuel tanks are integrated into the wings, in front of the main spar. The wings are equipped with electrical slotted flaps and balanced pushrod ailerons.

  • The conventional tail plane comprises horn balanced stabilizer and elevators for flutter prevention. The elevator is equipped with a manual trim.

    The structure is equipped with numerous inspection panels, quickly removable for easy maintenance.