Change of leadership


After heading up Sonaca Group for almost 13 years, Bernard Delvaux will be leaving the company on September 1st, 2021 in order to take on a new professional challenge.

He will be replaced by Yves Delatte, the current Group Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of Sonaca Aircraft, who will take up his post as CEO on September 1st, 2021.

Over all these years, I have been lucky enough to work with a large number of Group staff across the world. I valued their vast expertise in the aviation sector and their tremendous enthusiasm. Thanks to them, the company is ready for a successful future, said Bernard Delvaux.

Yves Delatte added: I am looking forward to taking over at the helm of the Group and pursuing implementation of the strategy that the company adopted some years ago, with a particular focus on maintaining technological centers of excellence providing quality employment opportunities.

The Group’s Board of Directors thanks Bernard Delvaux for his contribution to the company’s recovery and expansion. Bernard Delvaux transformed Sonaca Group, turning it into a global leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft structures across its client base.

Having spent some ten years at the company, eight of which as a member of the Group’s Management Committee, the new CEO, Yves Delatte, has the complete trust of the Board of Directors in his quest to successfully pursue the course first charted by Bernard Delvaux, striving for both operational performance and profitability, as well as making a positive direct and indirect contribution to our local communities.