Sonaca at the forefront of the future space economy


Gosselies, 22 January 2024 - Sonaca is proud to announce its participation in two major space projects. The company will contribute to the design of a space factory prototype, called StarFab, and a second component of the lunar system. These new contracts, carried out in collaboration with the Belgian company, Space Application Services, confirm Sonaca's ambition to be at the forefront of the future space economy, and place Belgium and its ecosystem as a pioneer in Europe.

As part of the European Horizon Europe research programme, Sonaca has joined the consortium led by Space Applications Services to design the first prototype of automated warehouse in zero gravity. The project, called StarFab, will start in January, with the aim of exploring the future prospects of a space-based logistics economy and offering a sustainable future.

This first automated warehouse prototype represents a major technological challenge to integrate the technologies needed to handle goods without gravity, while meeting the rigorous environmental requirements in space.

Manufacturing in space will make it possible to offer a sustainable future by effectively recycling the thousands of obsolete satellites in orbit, as well as designing lighter structures that are free from the constraints of terrestrial rocket launches and environmental considerations.