Sonaca on board the future lunar space station


Through a collaboration agreement with Canadian company MDA Inc, Sonaca and its subsidiary Sonaca Montreal have been commissioned to design and supply a key component of Canadarm3 robotic arm. This new project confirms Sonaca's ambition to develop its activities in the space sector.

Canadarm3 is a next-generation intelligent robotic system that will support spacewalks, scientific experiments and operations on NASA's Gateway lunar space station.

The Canadian company MDA is in charge of developing Canadarm3. This intelligent, highly autonomous and modular robotic system will be able to move around the station and connect modules to carry out various scientific and operational missions.

MDA and Sonaca have signed an agreement under which Sonaca will design and supply a key component of this robotic arm. Sonaca's teams will design, size, test and supply a first model in 2024, followed by a test prototype in 2026. This will involve taking into account thermal constraints, system aspects and strict mass requirements.

"With this project, Sonaca intends to consolidate its position in the space sector and its expertise in systems", explains Yves Delatte, CEO of Sonaca. "Our teams are very proud to be taking part in this new mission, which will enable sustainable human exploration of the Moon."

Image credits: CSA, NASA

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