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  • Sciarrabone and Pierre Vincent DOA

    Sonaca recognized as Design Organisation Approval from EASA

    With the DOA certificate, Sonaca is now entitled to classify changes and repair designs (major or minor), approve minor changes and repairs, on large and small aircraft, for a series of products, including flight control surfaces, movables, fuselage, equipment supports and wings. The scope also includes minor changes and repairs of ice protection systems.

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  • Sonaca will assemble the F-35 horizontal tailplane

    Thanks to the Belgian participation in the F-16 program decades ago, Sonaca achieved an important technological breakthrough, accelerated its expertise and growth and engaged in long-standing relationships with Lockheed Martin and the Belgian companies Asco and Sabca.

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  • Change of leadership

    After heading up Sonaca Group for almost 13 years, Bernard Delvaux will be leaving the company on September 1st, 2021 in order to take on a new professional challenge. He will be replaced by Yves Delatte, the current Group Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of Sonaca Aircraft, who will take up his post as CEO on September 1st, 2021.

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  • Sonaca delivers the first MWI space structure

    The first Multi Wave Imager RFA structure has been delivered to our customer Airbus Defence and Space. This confirms that SONACA remains a strong contender for success in advanced space applications.

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  • Sonaca and Siemens take additive manufacturing to a next level

    Selected by the European Space Agency (ESA), Siemens and Sonaca are collaborating in the framework of the ongoing Design4AM project to enhance the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform for industrialization of additive manufacturing in aerospace industry.

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  • Sonaca Group will attend the 53rd Paris Airshow as one entity

    Sonaca Group will attend the 53rd Paris Airshow. This year, focus is put on advanced technologies and customer confidence. Feel free to join us in Hall 2B, booth G78.

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