Sonaca active on making future transportation cleaner


Turbulent wing

HLFC Benefit

Within the Clean Sky 2 program, Sonaca research and technology engineers are developing the future of wing leading edges, combining their efforts & skills with 3 european partners (Aernnova, DLR, ONERA), .

By an intelligent combination of shape design and an active boundary layer suction system, the implementation of the so-called Hybrid Laminar Flow Control technology aims at providing an improved laminarity extend over the aerodynamic surfaces. The subsequent friction reduction presents a major air transportation fuel and nocive emissions reduction opportunity for the future. This can be realized by particular systems development and their integration in the leading edge. As the take-off/landing capabilities of the aircraft shall remain, Sonaca is investing in developing HLFC-compliant high-lift devices and their mechanisms.

After more than one year, the HLFC-Win project is now reaching the end of the concepts identification phase. The large demonstrator design will then go on, supported by critical functional systems design and verifications, including Sonaca’s Ice Protection System performance.

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