About Sonaca Group

Sonaca Group is an aerospace company active in aerostructure (Design & Build and Build to Print), services, innovation, space and defense. Sonaca Group has one-stop shops and integrated teams of design and industrial professionals who can provide responsive solutions tailored to customers'​ needs. Sonaca Group can offer the best price combination with the latest automation technologies, low cost country manufacturing facilities and worldwide engineering offices.

Year after year, Sonaca Group is recognized by its customers as "best-in-class"​ for quality and delivery performance of reliable industrial solutions. Thanks to its global footprint, Sonaca Group is close to customers, accompanying them from early design stages to in-service support, focusing on reducing overall costs. Sonaca Group is founded on bringing together two strong companies: LMI Aerospace and Sonaca.


  • Bernard Delvaux

    Chief Executive Officer

  • André Grégoire

    Technical Director

  • Erik van Ockenburg

    Chief Finance and Strategy Officer

  • Hugues Langer

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Michel Bilocq

    Purchasing and Subcontracting Director

  • Jan Boeckx

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Jeroen De Rycke

    IT Systems Director

  • Laurent Troquet

    Quality Director

  • Lawrence E. “Ed” Dickinson

    CEO LMI Aerospace

  • Pierre Grenier

    Human Resources, Administration and Insurance Director

  • Thierry Duesberg

    SVP Military and Defence

  • Yves Delatte

    Chief Commercial Officer

Board of directors Sonaca

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of company shareholders, that is the Walloon Region and the federal state of Belgium.

The Board is currently composed of nine directors and one observer.
It is chaired by Pierre Sonveaux whereas the daily management is ensured by Bernard Delvaux.

  • Pierre Sonveaux


  • Anne Prignon

    Non-Executive Director

  • Antoine Tanzilli

    Non-Executive Director

  • Bernard Delvaux

    Non-Executive Director

  • Cédric du Monceau

    Non-Executive Director

  • David Bastin


  • Denis Ronday

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jean Leblon

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jean-Sébastien Belle

    Non-Executive Director

  • Marc Denève

    Non-Executive Director

  • Pascal Lizin

    Non-Executive Director

  • Renaud Moens

    Non-Executive Director



New beginning

2017Sonaca Group

Sonaca Group is founded on bringing together two strong companies: LMI Aerospace and Sonaca. Following this acquisition Sonaca Group can access new customers and has complementary capabilities to better serve all of our customers.



2016 : Opened Sonaca Aircraft manufacturing line.

2016 : Acquired AST GMBH, Sonaca Space now

2014 : Expanded its activities in Romania (Sonaca Transilvania).

2011 : Opened assembly line in Tianjin, China

2003 : Acquired NMF, now Sonaca Montreal

2003 : Developed its strategic presence in Brazil


2012 : Acquired Valent, Inc.

2012 : Acquired TASS, Inc.

2009 : Acquired Intec, Inc.

2007 : Acquired D3 Technologies, Inc.

2006 : Opened manufacturing center in Mexicali, Mexico.

2001 : Acquired Versaform Corporation, Southern Stretch Forming and Fabrication, Inc.

2001 : Acquired Tempco Engineering.



Sonaca started as a flight school company in Gosselies, Belgium.


Founded as a manufacturer of aircraft components.