Supply Sonaca

At Sonaca, all suppliers have a major contribution to sustain our activities and follow us in order to meet our customer performance requirements. That’s why our main purchasing objectives are founded on :

  • Select and maintain Best-in-class in quality & delivery performances suppliers
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Promote innovation
  • Build partnership with strong extended collaboration

Become Sonaca Supplier :

All supplied commodities are grouped in the following departments:

  • Aerospace raw material, Investment, Tooling, Industrial Tools
  • Subcontracting, Partner
  • Indirect procurement

In each department, all commodities are managed by cross functional team (Purchasing, Supply chain, Quality, Industrial Engineering) in charge of the full process from the supplier selection and approval until the operational supplier management.


Applicable documents

  • General condition of Purchase [.pdf]
  • 3rd Party due diligence questionnaire [.docx]
  • Reach questionnaire [.docx]
  • Supplier Quality requirement [.xlsx]
  • Self assesment SCMH [.xls]
  • Self assesment CCP [.zip]
  • Logistics Protocol [.doc]
  • Qualified supplier list for special processes [.xls]

Ethics and Compliance